Meander Valley ‘Harvest Helpers‘ is a community project, connecting local fruit tree owners with volunteer harvesters, sharing the produce with everyone.

Maybe you are interested in registering your trees, becoming a volunteer harvester or preserver?

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tree-owner-webpage-compressorRegister as a Tree Owner


Picker-webpage1-compressorVolunteer as a Harvest Helper


preserves-webpage-compressorPreserving Workshops

How the project works:

Local fruit/nut tree owners register their trees with the Harvest Helpers, when the produce is ready for harvest a group of volunteer pickers will head to the tree owners property, pick the produce and clean up the area. The produce is then weighed and divided onto thirds.

1/3 is offered to the fruit/nut tree owner (if they want it)

1/3 is offered to the volunteers who picked on the day

1/3 goes to the project to be given to the community as fresh or preserved produce (through Deloraine House).

There are many volunteer roles available with Harvest Helpers from pickers and preservers to admin and promotional duties.


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